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Opinion: Zion Williamson should never play a minute of college basketball again - Nate Scott, February 21, 2019

The injury Williamson suffered was a stark reminder of how much these young men risk playing college basketball….

Tammi is a guest co-host for season 3 of the popular Business ATvantage podcast with Alisha Pennington
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Furious Saints fans target NFL with lawsuits, boycotts and billboards - by Jacob Bogage, January 22, 2019

Frank D’Amico, a New Orleans-based attorney, is suing the NFL on behalf of Saints season ticket holders to change the outcome of the NFC championship game between New Orleans and the Los Angeles Rams. His suit, filed in civil district court…

Don’t Forget Jordan McNair - by Tyler Tynes, January 10, 2019

As another college football season fades into a sea of confetti and celebration, we owe it to ourselves, the institutions we cheer for, and the hideous history of players dying while playing college football to remember the tragedy that occurred at Maryland last year and to demand change…

The NCAA is great at big headlines, but the reality of college hoops reform is harder - by Dan Wolken, August 8, 2018

The NCAA is very adept at splashy announcements laden with buzzwords like “reform” and “action” but has been very poor over the years at making changes that actually change anything…

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